Fierce of countenance, mighty wings enfolded,
he stands and watches.
His three brothers abide each a corner of the abode,
protecting the bloodstained walls against all enemies.

For his duty lies not just in earthly realm, but trancended even in the heavens.
For even now the war rages.
Sworn to protect by his Masters decree as written on a Cross at Calvary.
These mortal's property and their lives devine.

This watcher, a being heavenly, sent to protect and serve
through faith in words of an act so unselfish
by his Master who is Alive, yet died for all that are mortal.
That they may live as He for evermore

The watcher stands, invisible to all but evil intent is revealed like
the sun does melting ice.
His mighty sword a terrible weapon to those who might dare
transgress the bastion set up by Faith and Prayer.

Lest we all forget what the message to be.
Our Lord Jesus died for thee.
He promised a watcher for each and every saved soul, and an army
to protect what we may hold dear yet even now we should not fear

A Webpoem - Written by Robert Le Noury - Copyright 20010804
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"Angels" From Dreams III by CloudEight Stationery, release date, January 27, 2000