Clouds rolling over the landscape like tumbleweed.
As a whip is cracked over a flock of sheep,
Lightning clears the way.
The rain falls like a sheet blown by the wind.

The smell of rain tingles the senses,
a promise of growth to be renewed.
The parched earth drinks like a puppy,
lapping messily at a bowl of milk.

Swarms of snakelike rivulets embrace,
to form a chocolate milkshake on the ground.
The sound, a pan sizzling on a fire,
as raindrops dance on the forming pools.

Just as trepidation sets in,
the searchlight of the sun breaks through.
The horizon turns to purple indigo,
a rainbow brings a promise new.

Towering butresses of castles in the air
march off into the distance,
spreading life over the landscape.
The storm has passed, the sparrow chirps.

A Webpoem - Written by Robert Le Noury - Copyright 20010804
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