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He looked up at the clouds, low and dark, almost foreboding. Shaking himself to rid himself of the snow the silver Timberwolf started to lope again, angling his decent to the glade below where the rest of the pack waited. His name was Skydancer, alpha male, mate of Softeyes the alpha female, he had seen seven winters in his lifetime and was in his prime. It was time to lead the pack in search of food, a herd of caribou was over the rige from wich he now decended. The hunt was something he always looked foreward to. The pack greeted Skydancer with enthusiastic yelps, Skydancer led the pack The herd Skydancer looked up at the moon breaking through the clouds, yes it was going to be a good winter.

A WebStory - Written by Robert Le Noury - Copyright 20010804
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