I see u on the screen, u seem so discrete.
I wonder if u wil meet?
Ignore implore explore. Click click & close.
Ping pong - oic its not to be.
Why do I see the Darkside?

Nicks - KrAcK Angeleyes Phantom wings
for mpg's the singer sings.
Napster Hackster. A trillion sites.
the web vibrates with a million billion bytes.
Why do I see the Darkside?

aol msn mtn network nightmare
microsoft i softly hum, whats the fare?
By modem beep.
I sit and weep.
Why do I see the Darkside?

Softly in the dark, by glowing Phosphorus,
I feel the breeze of angel wing.
My soul doeth sing!
Can it be, I say, I pray.
Now I see the Lightside!

The sword is bright.
The edge is keen, The darkness seen,
whereabouts u have been.
The light enfolds my soul.
Now I see my Brightside!

Go where the brave do not dare!
Be aware!
Be a beacon bright!
Be all u might!

A Webpoem - Written by Robert Le Noury - Copyright 20010804
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