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My Music Fanpage

These webpages were built, assembled and edited to the music of the following artists and groups, without them I would have gone insane! Well not quite, but it sure is great to be able to listen to music while composing HTML.

Albert West

Enrique Eglesias


AnalogX Super Electronica mp3's here.

Everly Brothers


Belinda Carlisle & the Go Go's


Rodriguez - Very popular here in SA

Bellamy Brothers

Jennifer Paige

Roxette - This group just never quits!

Blue Man Group

Jennifer Rush

Roy Orbison

Bob Dylan

Linda Ronstadt

Sarah Brightman

Bonnie Tyler


Shakira - WOW!!..she ROCKS!!

Chris Izaak

Moody Blues

Shiana Twain

Chris Rhea

Neil Diamond

Spirits - Music for the Soul collection

Cliff Richard

No Mercy

The Bangles


Rapid - Great Irish rock band,

The Gregorian chanters

Don Fransisco - Very popular gospel singer.

Richard Marx

Tree63 - Gospel rock, even topped the SA charts!


Moon - Great Scottish band!

Tremeloes - My first 7 single was "My little lady", way back in the '60's



Vanessa Carlton Her version of "Paint it Black" is the best ever!



Vangelis (1492 Conquest of Paradise)




As well as a whole bunch of oldies from the 50's to 90's and some current hits. This page is too small to list them all.

The Blue Man Group

This is an amazing group, I was totally blown away with the music, mainly percussive, as yet I have no music of them but saw part of their Las Vagas show on CNN, here is extract from a review;

The Blue Man Group is unveiling their new show Live at the Luxor in a 1,200-seat theater on the world famous Las Vegas strip. Tubes, their wacky, multi-media art happening, has been playing sold-out, off-Broadway shows for nine years but this will be their biggest challenge yet: the proscenium of the state of the art Luxor theater is 66 feet across and 35 feet high. "Two and a half years ago we got this 5000 square foot warehouse in the East Village, and we just started writing big pieces on spec,” says Matt Goldman, co-founder of BMG. “When Luxor approached us, we could tell them we were already writing a show for a space that size." One scene brings an enormous neon-like desert landscape to life -- complete with 25-foot high dancing cowboys -- transforming it into a "techno-tribal" ritual site, where the animated cowboys join the Blue Man's band and percussionists on a three-story-high grid.

Bluemangroup - PVC at its best! Some of the "instruments" Bluemangroup - Interactive! Very "interactive"

Some links to reviews and demo sounds of this great group.

Link to BlueManGroup on this site

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DIDO (Armstrong)

One of my favourite british singers of late.

Her song "Here with me" has been featured as the theme from the TV series "Roswell High" and has also been performed by Sarah Brightman on her Album "La Luna" another song, "Thank You" featured in the recent Gwyneth Paltrow movie "Sliding Doors". "My lovers gone" featured in a "Nash Bridges" episode in the last series. Her brther Rollo is the producer and leader of the group "Faithless".Check out these sites to learn a bit more of this super songstress!

Official site

UK site - links to above

Fansite - Lots of cool links to related sites

Getmusic's writeup on Dido

A very wel made fansite

Excellent fansite

Lots more to be found if you use and type in for example; "dido""armstrong""music", on 20020910 we found 9,410 hits and "dido""armstrong", on 20020910 we found 13,100 hits

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Sarah Brightman

What can I say that has not been said about this brilliant songstress? From Opera, musicals to pop, nothing sounds wrong for her fabulous voice. Albums I have so far are La Luna, Dive and Eden, more will be purchased as my meagre finances allow. Websites concering her career and work seem to be a bit scarce so here is my humble contribution to the url file so far.

Official site

This seems to be a new official site

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Linda Ronstadt

Also a favourite of mine, she has a wery wide repertoire and is one of the American South's best as far as I am concerned.

Official site

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Vanessa Carlton

- Watch this girl go places, her "Paint it Black" is stunning!

Official site



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