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All attempts have been made to use free graphics or permission from copyrightholders to use graphics on this site, if however any graphics are here without permission please notify the Webmaster and they wil be removed forthwith.
This is a private, non commercial site for the enjoyment off all web users.
Therefore we do not accept any liability for accidental infringements of copyrightholders.

Notice, Setup and Privacy
Most of the fun graphics are now on a seperate page to make this one load faster, with new additions, Photos and fixes on others, but is still not perfect. Please let me know if you spot any errors or have suggestions. It would be much appreciated.
We no not use a visitor counter or gather information on visitors, this is to protect your privacy. Feel free to contact the Webmaster.

Site Objective
BTW, imho Flash suxs! as well as all those fancy web page enhancements, only pc priveliged persons can make use of them, therefore they DISCRIMINATE! This site has a certain amount of images and some sound, I have gone to great lenghts to make it an easy experience for netizens that do not have the latest and greatest computers and software, and there are millions! If I ever do create such a page I will always try to have a plainer version as well. Bandwidth costs! This site is optimised for 800 x 600 pixel viewing.

Terms of use
This site and sub/sites are for all users of the Internet, feel free to browse around however, please contact the Webmaster if you want to use any information on this site on any other site. A link back will usually suffice.

Rating Policy
This site has no pages of any explicit adult nature, nor does it have any links to such websites, however as some pages are related to military matters. I have done the following to warn of pages with a sensitive content that may be unsuitable for young viewers.
I have rated some of my pages with a rating button.Rating button
View these pages at your discretion please. They contain text that may be offensive or upset sensitive persons, as these pages have to do with historical facts and occurrances during combat situations. However no offensive images are shown at all. If you have a interest in Military History or Military Matters you may find them informative.
This site is also rated with: IRCA Rated - Labelled with ICRA - Link to IRCA homepage
The Internet Content Rating Association is an independent, non-profit organization with offices in the US and Europe. ICRA's aim is to protect children from potentially harmful material while protecting the free speech rights of content providers. ICRA owns and operates the ICRA labelling system, and its RSACi forerunner

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