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Surname information questionaire:
Could we obtain some information r.e. Your relationship to the Le Noury surname for our database?

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1.Post an eMail to our mailing list.
2. Copy this questionare section to your clipboard and paste it into your e-mail. Personal Contact Information required;
You are not obliged to divulge information marked with a # although it will make my job easier, no information will be sold or otherwise divulged without your consent.
Your privacy is precious and we respect it.

First Name
2nd. Name
3rd. Name
Birth date - format: dd / mm / ccyy eg; 13 10 1927
Your relationship?
Street Address - #
State or Province
Postal Code
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Type in Yes or No - Must we post you a person sheet Questionaire?
If e-Mail is provided we will post the questionaire by e-Mail, a person sheet is a questionaire r.e. your family tree, one per family member is usualy required, copies/photocopies of this blank sheet can be made if using snailmail.

Alternatively a questionaire with all pertinent family tree questions (person sheet) will be posted to you if you send an eMail with the adress to the following mailing list or to the webmaster:

For all the Le Noury family members:LeNoury@yahoogroups.com

Please remember to type Questionaire in the subject field.

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Thank you for your time and trouble as well as the information. It is truly appreciated. Yours sincerely, Robert D Crouch.

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