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Countries linked to my family.

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Countries linked to my family.
Purpose of this webpage:
These are some of the countries where my ancestors came from as well as countries where we have family.

Link to South African page - Flag courtesy 3Dflags.com Link to Guernsey page - Flag Courtesy 3Dflags.com Link to Irish page - Flag Courtesy 3Dflags.com Link to Enlish page - Flag Courtesy 3Dflags.com Link to Scottish page - Flag Courtesy 3Dflags.com Link to Iraeli page - Flag Courtesy 3Dflags.com Link to USA page - Flag Courtesy 3Dflags.com Link to Welsh page - Flag courtesy 3Dflags.com Link to Australian page - Flag Courtesy 3Dflags.com
Go visit a country section by clicking on one of the flags:

South Africa

The land of our and our childrens birth.

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Geurnsey Island - Isle of flowers.

This section is dedicated to Guernsey Island, the birthplace of my Father.

Geurnsey has these neat little cows, ideal for a small island.

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Ireland - The emerald isle.

Dedicated to our family's Irish roots.
Irish Dance& Celtic Culture

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United Kindom
England, The "old" country.
Dedicated to our English family roots.

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Scotland.org homepage
Land of the Braveheart.

Dedicated to the birthplace of William Campbell my Grandfather on my Mother's side.
Edenborough Caslte

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I will be an enemy unto thine enemies, and an adversary unto thine adversaries. Exodus 23.22

Friends of Israel
Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry homepage

Link to LIBI - LIBI- The Fund for Strengthening Israel's Defense
I have noted with regret the stance taken by the government of my country towards the State of Israel, especialy under the current state of affairs in the middle east. This was the main motivation behind the creation of this page, a sort of declaration of solidarity with Israel

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USA - Land of the brave.
Dedicated to The King's in America, our cousins.

Sympatiies and condolences to the terrorist tragedy in the USA America, our heart goes out to you in this dark hour! Support freedom - Lycos info page - Sept 11 2001

Image of deris falling out of the sky - 01/02/03 We also remember the first day of Febuary 2003 as the day that 7 brave Astronauts perished while living their dream;

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Woodland Turnery

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Australia - the land down under.

Dedicated to Grandma May, the land of her birth.

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Flags available from;
Link to 3dflags homepage

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