Celtic info & Irish Dance
This page is dedicated to my daughter LeNoury, who loves Irish Dance.

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Celtic info & Irish Dance

Purpose of this webpage:
This page is dedicated to my daughter LeNoury, who loves Irish Dance - Michael Flatley style.

Lord of the Dance:

Official Lord of The Dance homepage

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Mellissa Hesse Dance Studio:

Class of 2000 Class of 2000

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Celtic Culture :

The Celtic Cross is a symbol of God's eternal nature.
The rings within rings motif is also a symbol of Eternity.
Celtic relics can be found all over Europe and some parts of North Africa. Ireland has the richest Celtic heritage as well as many Christian Celtic artifacts.
It could be said that the last surviving Celts are still to be found in Ireland, Wales and Scotland.
Gaelic is stil spoken in these countries, which has its origin in the Celtic tongue.
The stories of Conan the Barbarian by Robert E Howard,are based on many Celtic legends.
Legend has it that King Arthur was Celtic as well as the legendary Atlantis. As I dig up more I will post it here.

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Some Celtic Links:

Celtic Centre
Celtic Corner
Celtic Webart

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