A SADF infantry soldiers ramblings and recollections of the Bush War etcettera.

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This page is the index to all my "Bush War" pages.
The Link Index is on the left under "Page Navigation" and the actual description of each page is under this introduction.

Abbterm - Lexicon of Abbreviations and terms used in my Military pages to make things a little clearer.
Beetlecrusher - This page! - An Infantry soldiers ramblings.
BloemMil - Images of military interest in and around Bloemfoentein, historic and present day.
Campfire - "Bush War" stories, some true, some unverified, mostly amusing.
DC03 - A Personal perspective of the SWA/Namibia conflict. The so called "Bush War".
Dixie - Border / Army Cuisine.
Hardware - Pictures of SADF - SANDF hardware - toys for boys. pun intended.
Ideas - Some of my military ideas and drawings.
Legends & Lore - "Bush War" Legends, terms and SADF lore.
Regiment Dan Pienaar - Regimental history, insignia and trivia. Pending further research.
SADF Links - Links to sites/pages concerning the "Bush War" and SADF matters.
UOVS Militere Eenheid - Regimental history, insignia and trivia. Pending further research.
Vasbyt - Basics, Border and Oudtshoorn - the whole nine months.
Top Secret - Shhhhhhh...

PLEASE HELP US SAVE OUR VETERAN SOLDIERS AND THEIR FAMILIES - Pomfret is the present location of most of the vetrans of 32 Battallion, help if you can.
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