"Bush War" stories, some true, some unverified, mostly amusing.

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"Bush War" stories, some true, some unverified, mostly amusing.
These stories are not related to experiences with my own units I served in, mostly heresay from third parties.
Lost & found
Hak 'n steek
Lost & found

This was related to me by the section leader himself, cannot recall his name though. During ops Daisy a section of parabats were dropped to form a stopper group, this was a night jump and as he was floating down he saw what he thought was a open patch of ground, big mistake! it turned out to be a huge patch of "hak 'n steek" thorn bush. These were a common plant in southern Angola and SWA, armed with a set of hooking and stabbing thorns, they tended to hook and grab everything when brushed against. Our poor corporal had made the wrong choice and landed slap bang in the centre of this patch of hak 'n steek. It took his section about 4 hours to get him extricated, needless to say they had to abandon their mission due to the fact that their leader had been "left hanging" so to speak.


Hak 'n steek

My youngest brother was also in the ParaBats. During ops XXX he lost his watch as he made a touchdown half in a tree, giving the area a cursory search he decided to join the rest of his unit post haste before he lost them as well. He thought to himself he would be able to buy a new watch with his Danger Pay1. After returning to 44 Brigade HQ in the States, the unit Chaplain walked up to him and asked if he had lost his watch, he replied yes and described it to the chaplain, smiling the chaplain handed him his watch. The chaplain had also taken part in the ops but had landed in a different LZ but on the way to the designated RV for the Company T/B he spotted the watch hanging about 15 feet in a tree, he had retrieved it with some difficulty and had heard my brother's OC mentioning the incident of one of his troops losing his watch in the debriefing that had followed the completion of the operation. My brother only recently replaced the watch as he regarded it as a lucky charm.


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