Lexicon of Abbreviations and Terms used in the "Bush War".

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Army Abbreviations & Terms

I have tried to list all of the abbreviations and terms used in my Military pages on this one to make things a little clearer, also listed are some other terms we may have heard or used. Some Afrikaans terms are included.
1 or 2Pip - The insignia of rank worn by lieutanants.
2 Striper - Corporal i.e. The 2 chevrons of rank.
7 days A long furlough usually after the completion of combat training, before active deployment.
AK /AK47 - Russian Kalashnikof 7.62mm cal assault rifle, versions made in all Communist countries
Alpha Group
Aspro Tiffie - Medic
Bats / Parabats - Parachute troops or Parabats as they were also known of 44 Parachute Brigade or 1 Parachute Battalion, based in Tempe, Bloemfontein
Bom Roller - Air Force aircraft armourer. From the act of rolling the bomb's under the aircraft in bomb carts. (Thanks to Dion Russouw Bosvark - Semi Mine protected Unimog, normaly had armour plating under the drivers cab, the load box was sandbagged. (see Buffel)
Bravo Group
Bren - WWII 303 Light Machine Gun1, converted to 7.62, used the standard R1 Rifle magazine instead of a belt/clips as the LMG did.
Buffel - Mine protected vehicle built on the chassis of the Unimog with a cab for driver and 10 seats in rear mine protected compartment. (see Bosvark)
Bundu Bashing / Bashing - To travel by vehicle through bush where no road or track exists. SOP was to tie loggs on bumpers to reinforce the bumper.
CF - Citizen Force member
Chopper - helicopters
Coinops - Counter Insurgency Operations
Donkey bite / Donkiebyt - Lance Corporal i.e. The single chevron of rank. Donkey alluding to the work they did / pack donkey.
Fort Doppies - One of the bases in the Caprivi from wich the Recces operated.
Forty Days - The 40th last day of one's service or tour, usually a party is held if the situation allows.
F100 - Ford pick up / ldv, usually 4x4 and very popular with the more affluent LP.
Garrie / Garry - Nickname for a Landrover. Origin probably derived from Indian word for horse cart.
Have - To eliminate enemy "Ons het die terr's gehave" or as seen on a Rhodesian T Shirt "Have a Terr a day"
Hippo - Mine protected vehicle built on the Bedford chassis, 15 seater if I can recall correctly.
Honoris Crux - Highest award for Bravery in the SADF & SANDF.
HotelMike / Hearts & Minds - Patrols to bolster the goodwill towards the SADF and gather intelligence.
Hotnotsgod - Mine protected anti mine vehicle contraption with a long boom, resembled a Praying Mantis.
IGP/IBT - Infantry battle tests, competion between units to determine who are the most efficent and well trained.
Kwvol - 20 ton Mine proofed trucks used to transport supplies/troops beween larger bases. (see Maguires Deutz )
Lilly - Plastic urinal sunk into sandy soil, more commonly called a "Pislilly", sometimes confused a bunker ventilation stacks, a la Leon Schuster movie's. ;-)
LMG - Light machine gun or squad machine gun, made by FN, usually manned by 2 troops and commanded by a Lace Corporal.
LP / Lpops / Lima Pappa's - Local Population (See PB as well.)
Loot/Lootie - First or second leutenant
Maguires Deutz - 20 ton Trucks used to transport supplies/troops beween larger bases. (see Kwvol & Samil)
Min Dae - The last 2 months of one's N/s
N/s - National Service. Initialy 9 months, then 12 months, extended to 24 Months in the later period of the 70's
NAFI - Term for troops that displayed a negative attitude towards the army in general. (No Ambition F/all Intrest.)
Night Vision2 - Equipment to aquire targets or operate in the dark, 3 types, IR illuminated and passive IR and Starlight;
O/P o/p - Observation post
Ops/ops - Operation or mini campain.
Oppie - Pack drill, usually as a form of punishment
PB / Pappa Bravo - Plaaslike bevolking (See LP, afrikaans abbreviatin for local population.)
PF - Permanet Force member. (Regular)
PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder all Veterans suffer from this in varying degrees.
R1 rifle - 7.62mm cal semi automatic assault rifle, SA version of the FN FAL 7.62.
Recces - Operatives of the Reconnisance or Special Forces battalions. Similar to British SAS and US Navy Seals
R4 rifle - 5.56 mm cal semi automatic assault rifle, SA refinened version of the Israeli Galil.
R5 rifle - As R4 but with shorter barrel, for armour and parachute troops. Lately a R6 has also been made with an even shorter barrel
Revved / rev - Being under attack or attacked by enemy forces, usually if caught by surprise.
Roofie / Rower - N/s doing their basic and combat training.
RPG - Soviet anti tank grenade launcher.
RV / rv - Romeo Victor, a point of rendezvous or a target 's map grid refrence point.
Samil / SAMAG - 10 & 20 ton trucks, similar to Maguires Deutz, built in SA.
Selection - Similar to IGP but of a individual nature to sift out the weak so to speak.
Slot / Slotted - a Term used in Rhodesia for eliminating enemy, "The terrs were slotted"
Spinnekop - Mine protected mine detecting vehicle, had 16 wheels and looked like a spider.
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure - Also slang for a set way to do certain tasks/functions etc.
T/A t/a - Training Area
Terr - Abbreviation for Terrorist
T/B or t/b - Temporary base, bivvie or biovac usually only used for overnight stop or one day's stay.
Unimog / Mog - Mercedes Benz produced 4x4 10 seater troop carrier/truck. Very rugged. LHD
UZI - Israeli 9mm cal machine pistol, made under licence in SA

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1. This was a improvement as we all had magazines and could split the LMG ammo qwota through the whole section, they were also more reliable than the FN - LMG as well as being slightly lighter.
2. Passive night vision equipment / Starlight - Uses a image intensifier to show the opbjects lit by starlight/moonlight, sniperscope & night driving goggles. Undetectable due to the use of ambient light.
IR / Infra red used to aquire targets at night, usualy by reflecting a infra red light source on the target, can be detected by enemy forces due to the light source being detected. The passive type is used covertly to detect enemy due to the infra red light given off from bodies and veichles/equipment. Most IR can be used passively or actively depending on the threat.
I speak under correction but I think I have read that DENEL had also developed a Starlight system that could detect IR as well, making the illuminated IR obsolete. I was trained with the Starlight system and could get a score of 98 at 100 m and 100 at 50m. Actualy to miss with this equipment was almost impossible.