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Welcome To Our Site
This is our family website, dig around and find out why the domain name was chosen. Most pages will have links to get you back here as well as further links relating to the subject matter at hand.

This site has information and links to sites that have interest to myself and my family, like Genealogy, Gardening, Hobbies, Military History and many more, take your time and enjoy the visit. Use the Contact Us link to drop an e-mail, witty mail in particular will be answered.

Projected completion date...
As a website is an everchanging project please bear with any broken links or lost pages, ultimately, sometime in the distant future, maybe this site will be complete...

Some pages will not conform to the general look and feel of the website, this is because of the unique character of that particular page... you have not been transported to another dimension... use of the BACK Button will usually bring you back to the real world or otherwise scroll way down to the bottom of any page where a few Navigation links may or may not be availabe.

Caveat visum
You as viewer and or reader must take cognisance of the fact that this is not a commercial site and as such may do wierd and unexpected things when clicking on any link... we cannot be held liable for any heart failure or for that matter, any elation that may spring from these actions brought about by the reflex on the mouse button. Ergo take most of the stuff here with a load of salt and wash it down with a Windhoek (beer) or two... Ok, if you do not partake of the brew... Iced tea will suffice...

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PLEASE HELP US SAVE OUR VETERAN SOLDIERS AND THEIR FAMILIES - Pomfret is the present location of most of the vetrans of 32 Battallion, help if you can.
32 Battalion appeal

Missing Kids in SA - SAPS Missing Bureau for Missing Persons - Sponsored by Computer Associates Africa and SA Yellow Online

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Viva Afrique du Sud, the land of magnificent sunsets.

Four sayings full of infinite wisdom from Terry Pratchett:

"Never trust a dog with orange eyebrows"

"Always get the young man's name and address"

"Never get between two mirrors" and finally

"Always wear completely clean underwear every day because you never know when you're going to be knocked down and killed by a runaway horse and if people found you had unsatisfactory underwear on, you'd die of shame."

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